What is Tower

Tower is a leading project management SaaS in China. It has more than 500 thousands teams, including well-known brands such as Guokr (果壳科技), Xiami (虾米音乐), Toutiao (头条新闻) and SWEEKLY (南都周刊).

Tower’s challenges

Before Daike, Tower used a mailing list for customer service. While it’s kind of working, it has many limitations and is far from being ideal. Just to name a few:

  1. No auto-assignment. Any Tower staff in the mailing list can see any customer’s email and reply to it. To avoid conflicts, manual assignment is required, which is time consuming.
  2. No lifespan management. An inquiry email may result in many emails, either with the customer or co-workers. One staff’s inbox soon becomes messy and unorganized, making it hard to know which email requires what action.
  3. No priority support to premium customers as it’s technically not doable.
  4. Because there is no lifespan management and it’s difficult to collaborate with co-workers, occasionally emails are missed, or replied twice.

Therefore, Tower needs a helpdesk that can 1) manage increasing support requests; 2) allow staffs to collaborate.

Daike’s solutions

Tower turned to Daike as its partner for customer service both on the Web and email. To be specific:


  1. Tower puts a contact form on its online Help Center. Customer’s submission will be saved as a ticket in Daike Dashboard, where Tower can read, reply, assign to any staff, or close. Story 1
  2. Tower’s reply to the ticket, will be sent back to the customer, by Daike via email. Story 2
  3. Thus, customers have a friendly way to request support, and Tower has a central place to manage these requests.


  1. Tower uses Daike to manage atc@mycolorway.com (its support email).
  2. Emails sent to atc@mycolorway.com will be saved as tickets. Replies to these tickets will be sent back via email. Story 3
  3. As a result, Daike doesn’t change customers’ habit (they continue to use email as usual), while giving Tower a sleek way to collaborate and manage.


Since using Daike, Tower has greatly improved its customer service:

  1. Inquiries and support requests are transformed to tickets, with status tracking and lifespan management.
  2. A central dashboard, together with the “Assign” feature, make collaboration a breeze.
  3. Tower is able to check customers’ profile directly in Daike Dashboard, i.e., if it’s a premium customer, OS and browser.
  4. No more missed cases. Everything is in track

Mak Lu, product manager of Tower, said: “Among all the services I researched, I found Daike is the only one that is lean, tailored to our needs, and reliable.”